why crickets?

Eating insects is more popular than you might think. Instar's cricket flour is farmed and milled in the UK, offering a nutritious and more sustainable alternative to conventional animal protein.


The farming industry is one of the biggest contributors to global warming and by far the largest consumer of fresh water on the planet. With the world's population forecast to hit 9.5 billion by 2050, farming needs to become more sustainable.


Producing 1 kilogram of beef uses 2,000 times more water and emits nearly 100 times more greenhouse gas than farming 1 kg of delicious crickets. Agriculture currently uses 40% of the world's land area, with 70% of this devoted to rearing livestock. This comes at serious cost to the environment, one that will grow as the population increases. Insect farming provides a solution - crickets require a fraction of the amount of space that conventional livestock need.

What is perhaps more impressive is how nutritionally dense insects are. Crickets are by dry weight 70% pure protein, in contrast, beef is only 30-40% protein on a dry weight basis. What's more they contain high levels of all essential amino acids and more key vitamins and minerals than most other food types. In short, crickets may be the healthiest way to help the planet!


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